We’ve been an importer and distributor of beauty and medical equipment for last 20 years.
We started in 2000 (till 2013) as a sole distributor of LPG Systems® (Endermologie®), later on for two years we were a sole distributor of Solta Medical, Inc. (Fraxel, Thermage, Liposonix, Isolaz, Clear & Brilliant).
Right now we mainly co-operate with Italian company Mantis, manufacturer of devices for endomassage enriched with magnetic field and diode lasers for epilation, as well as with German company Nora Bode, which produces systems for oxytherapy, to name a few.
Our newest proposition are personalized Genoxage cosmetics, produced on basis of DNA test.

Spare parts and tips:

We are still in a position to offer tips for Solta’s devices, please do not hesitate to contact us about, as well as our demo devices – Fraxel Dual, Liposonix or Clear & Brilliant.
We still have a big stock of spare parts for LPG Systems® machines (Cellu M6 IP/ST®, Keymodule®, Keymodule 2®, Lipo M6®, Lift M6®, Endermolab®, Integral®), some of which are even no longer offered by the manufacturer – please get in touch with us in case of any need.

Our contact info:

ul. Dekabrystów 35B
42-218 Częstochowa
tel. 48 – 34 – 322 00 65
tel. 48 – 722 206 132